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The BODENLANG Dog Rescue Mission

As you know BODENLANG grew out of our love for animals. Our company contributes to several animal welfare projects, combining our passion for fashion and animal welfare into one dream. ´

Our current mission brings us to Romania where stray dogs are being treated without any respect and often found in terrible conditions. They are chased, captured and killed in cruel and painful ways. If not being shot, beaten, poisoned, hung or burnt to death, they will be caught by dog hunters and crammed into small kennels to die of hunger and thirst. Or they end up in killing shelters where our current mission leads us to:

We are working with Sabine Peschke, a German animal rights activist, and NATINO, a German animal protection association, to rescue dogs from several  killing shelters all over the Romanian country. Our goal is to find homes and families for these dogs. Therefor we get them out of the killing shelters and bring them to a safe and private shelter situated near Bucharest. No money is paid to the killing shelters because we do NOT support their awful money making programs. But we give money to the private shelter: For 50 euros per dog and month, each dog will be looked after. They stay in clean kennels, get regular food and water and most importantly receiving all the medical treatments they need to be ready for rehoming. This includes necessary vaccinations, the microchip and all documents prepared for their legal journey to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Still, you cannot compare a good Romanian shelter to any shelters in Germany or Switzerland for example. Due to the amount of dogs and the fact that they live outside permanently, their living conditions are tough. But we are doing our very best to make a change and improve the situation constantly.

Save a dog’s life for 50 Euros

Each year, BODENLANG travels to Romania together with Sabine. To be able to rescue as many dogs as possible during our next trip, we are running a special promotion. Use the promo code SABINE5 at the checkout to get a 5% discount on your purchase, while BODENLANG will contribute 25 euros from each dress sold to Sabine and her great team. That means two sold dresses rescue one dog´s life!

With the money from your purchases we can hopefully bring lots of dogs into the private shelter and give them a chance of being adopted. Have a look at our BODENLANG ONLINE SHOP.

By the way, all our dresses are named after dogs that we rescued. Discover more about their stories HERE