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The Dog Story Behind The Dress: LISSIE

We have mentioned before that all our dresses are named after dogs that we rescued from Romania. We would like to share some of their stories with you …


Lissie romanian rescue dog bucov

Jenny, the founder of BODENLANG met Lissie at the Romanian shelter we keep closest to our hearts: Bucov, near Ploiesti.

Lissie was running around free on the grounds and followed Jenny (and Sam) around all day long. Even though this cute and lively girl loved Jenny´s company, it was difficult to gain her trust. We found out that she was brought to the shelter only two weeks before our arrival and that she managed to escape from her kennel every time the door opened.

After a few days, Lissie became more trusting and showed her incredible happy character. Jenny new, she had to get her out of the shelter before her smiling soul would be destroyed by the difficult shelter life. Luckily we found a wonderful foster home for this little girl in Germany and soon after that, Lissie got adopted by her family where she is living a happy life ever since. 

rescue dog in new home

germany home for rescue dog bodenlang

Shop the BODENLANG LISSIE dress, every purchase supports our dog rescue project!

There are plenty of more stories to tell… If you would like to help, send us an email and follow us on Instagram @bodenlang and  @bodenlang.animals . We are always looking for new homes and volunteers who would like to join us on our trips to Romania. Together with your help, we can make the living conditions of the dogs a little bit better, make sure that they get food, medical help and the chance of a loving home.
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