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The Dog Story Behind The Dress: JUSTINE

We have mentioned before that all our dresses are named after dogs that we rescued from Romania. We would like to share some of their stories with you...


Justine and her mother Pippa were caught on the Romanian streets and brought to a private shelter. Justine was only a few weeks old at the time, and it was crucial to find a foster home for this small family together. But our team was lucky! Whilst being fostered at a local home in Romania we kept searching for their forever home.

Pippa took very good care of her baby and Justine was a happy puppy, not remembering how tough the first few weeks of her life had been. 

Pippa was adopted by a loving couple in Mallorca. But unfortunately the family couldn't take both dogs. We were determined to find a home for Justine on the island too, and we were very lucky again! A family who lives very close to Pippa's new home was looking to adopt, and so only 5 weeks after Pippa's arrival, Justine moved to the Spanish island too.

It only took one week for the two families to meet up, so mother and daughter could see each other again! They keep meeting up ever since, and they both enjoy their sunny afternoon naps and long walks around the island, living their best lives.

Shop the BODENLANG JUSTINE dress, every purchase supports our dog rescue project!

There are plenty of more stories to tell… If you would like to help, send us an email and follow us on Instagram @bodenlang and  @bodenlang.animals . We are always looking for new homes and volunteers who would like to join us on our trips to Romania. Together with your help, we can make the living conditions of the dogs a little bit better, make sure that they get food, medical help and the chance of a loving home.

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