The Dog Story Behind The Dress: LARA

We have mentioned before that all our dresses are named after dogs that we rescued from Romania. We would like to share some of their stories with you…


Lara bodenlang rescue dog

This gorgeous little Jack Russel Terrier mix was rescued by our team from a kill shelter in Braila. She got here after being caught on the streets along with her babies. By the time our friend Sabine (a German animal rescue activist) arrived, all puppies had been put down. Lara was very weak and sick, with swollen mammary glands and severe trauma. We immediately took her to a veterinary clinic at a private shelter in Bucharest. This small dog was extremely frightened of all humans around her, which made it hard to attend to her. 

Thanks to the super professional and caring vets and volunteers, she soon recovered and we started her vaccination course, to be able to obtain her legal travel documents. 

The first stop on her journey was at BODENLANG founder Jenny's home, where she spent one week. It might seem like a short time, but it was an incredible transformation for this little dog. It was already a miracle that she allowed Jenny to give her a bath on the first day, but she must had sensed all the good intentions and love coming her way. After that she had a big bowl of food and got comfortable on her own pillow. Even just one good night's sleep worked magic, and Lara woke up rested and curious. She explored her new surroundings, gained confidence and even started to play by the end of the day! 

Luckily it was easy to find a new, loving home for this now happy and energetic little lady, and she lives a wonderful life in Switzerland. 

Bodenlang Lara Dog resuced by charity
There are plenty of more stories to tell… If you would like to help, send us an email and follow us on Instagram @bodenlang and  @bodenlang.animals . We are always looking for new homes and volunteers who would like to join us on our trips to Romania. Together with your help, we can make the living conditions of the dogs a little bit better, make sure that they get food, medical help and the chance of a loving home.
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