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The Dog Story Behind The Dress: LISA

We have mentioned before that all our dresses are named after dogs that we rescued from Romania. We would like to share some of their stories with you...


 Lisa was abandoned on the Romanian streets as a small puppy together with her brothers and sisters. The group got caught by dog hunters and put into the public shelter of Bucov (Romania) where they grew up. Not knowing what love, a home or even fresh water is, most of Lisas siblings died during their first months of life. But Lisa and her sister Mona made it. The two dogs were living in a small kennel together with twenty-five other dogs and managed to grow up under devastating living conditions. However, Lisa wasn’t as strong as Mona, didn’t grow as tall as her and was attacked by other dogs in her kennel over and over again.

Lisa was the first dog Jenny ever photographed and got in touch with when she entered the shelter for the very first time. Lisa reminded Jenny of the dog she grew up with and after the first eye contact, Jenny had totally fallen in love with her and wanted to get her out of the shelter immediately.
But sometimes wishes don’t come true. Two days before the truck was supposed to take Lisa out she got killed in a dog fight. One final attack. Unfortunately, this happens very often. The dogs are starving, they are unable to rest, they are living outside, no matter how cold or hot it is. The situation is extremely stressful for them and Lisa was once bullied too much.

Up to now it is very difficult for Jenny to know that she was unable to rescue Lisa. This wonderful dog was unable to find out that there is more in life than fear, hunger, cold and dirt. Lisa will remain in our hearts forever – but unfortunately hundreds of nameless dogs/animals are dying out there on their own day by day. 

Shop our BODENLANG LISA dress, every purchase supports our dog rescue project!

There are plenty of more stories to tell… If you are willing to help, send us an email and follow us on Instagram @bodenlang  and  @bodenlang.animals . We are always looking for new homes and volunteers who would like to join us on our trips to Romania. Together with your help, we can make the living conditions of the dogs a little bit better, make sure that they get food, medical help and the chance of a loving home.

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