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The Dog Story Behind The Dress: SAM

We have mentioned before that all our dresses are named after dogs that we rescued from Romania. We would like to share some of their stories with you…



This sweetheart is one of the loveliest dogs we have come across in Romania. Caught on the streets by dog hunters at the ago of two, Sam lived in the public dog shelter in Bucov for a year.

BODENLANG founder Jenny met Sam during one of her first visits to the shelter. The handsome yellow shepherd mix loved the attention from Jenny, and she kept escaping from her kennel and followed Jenny around everywhere. When there was work to do inside a kennel, Sam quietly waited outside and tried to "help". Every morning that our team arrived at Bucov, Sam dutifully waited for Jenny behind the main entrance. By the end of our trip, Jenny had decided to get Sam out at the next opportunity. It took only two weeks to organize her transport and Sam arrived in Switzerland. After a very short foster stay, we found a wonderful home for this beautiful and clever dog. 

Shop the BODENLANG SAM dress, every purchase supports our dog rescue project!

There are plenty of more stories to tell… If you would like to help, send us an email and follow us on Instagram @bodenlang and  @bodenlang.animals . We are always looking for new homes and volunteers who would like to join us on our trips to Romania. Together with your help, we can make the living conditions of the dogs a little bit better, make sure that they get food, medical help and the chance of a loving home.

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