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The Story Behind BODENLANG

“I have always loved fashion. It´s a great way to express yourself – and I’m definitely a maxi dress lover because theres nothing more glamorous than a long dress.” (Jennifer Becks, founder of BODENLANG).

My inspiration for starting the business was simple: I found it difficult to find nice maxi dresses in shops and was missing a large variety of designs. No matter where I looked, there was always something that was not quite right; the price, the quality, cut, colour, print or the fabric…

At the same time, I was trying to find a way to sponsor my animal welfare projects. Animals and their well-being are very important to me and I didn’t want to be dependent on donations. So, I decided to combine my love for animals and maxi dresses by founding my own fashion brand that contributes to my animal welfare projects.

With my savings ready to put into the dream, there was just one major part missing to start the business: someone who could help me making the dresses! Even though I knew exactly what I wanted and how the dresses were supposed to look like, with a Bachelor degree in economics and marketing and being unable to use a sewing machine, I didn’t know how to make my design ideas become reality. Luckily my path has crossed with Noemi and Sophie, two designers from London at just the right time. Having bonded over dogs and dresses, the three of us are now working together to make the BODENLANG dream come true.

Our team is passionate about the designs and we strongly believe that all women should have access to affordable, yet high-end fashion. Designed by real women for real women, BODENLANG aims to offer perfectly fitting and easy to wear long dresses that flatter the female form in all shapes and sizes. Our designs are fun and fresh, yet classic, so a BODENLANG dress can stay in your wardrobe for years to come. We also wanted to focus on practicality; as we all travel a lot we wanted to make sure the dresses can travel well too by using non-crease, lightweight fabrics and making them machine washable.

While we don’t yet know where BODENLANG’s journey will lead to, the three of us are able to do what we love, and working towards helping animals around the world is a goal that will make all the hard work worth it.