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Top 10 Reasons: Why Women Love Their BODENLANG Dress

1. BODENLANG maxi dresses are beautiful

Yes they are; but even more important, they will make YOU look stunning! The BODENLANG designs will make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. 

2. BODENLANG maxi dresses are feminine

BODENLANG maxi dresses are flirty. They make you feel comfortable and still look like a woman. On top of that you can easily point up the feminine factor with accessories, like an armful of golden bangles or shoulder-grazing earrings. Finish off the look with sexy heels and everybody will admire you for looking fabulous. 

3. BODENLANG maxi dresses are flattering

A BODENLANG maxi dress that gently flares from the waist can highlight your curves while downplaying any trouble spots. A scoop or V-neck are flattering, drawing the eye vertically rather than horizontally. And you can add a high belt to create an empire waist, lengthening your legs. Spot on: here comes the super model!

4. BODENLANG dresses are exclusive 

Due to the small quantity of each style, your BODENLANG dress is a unique it-piece. You will hardly find someone else wearing the same outfit. The good quality of each dress underlines it exclusivity.

5. BODENLANG maxi dresses are versatile

You can wear your BODENLANG maxi dress anywhere, at any time! Put it on to work, a wedding, a dinner date, a party... Adding a jacket or blazer can take you from the beach to the movie theatre, or you easily transform it into a flashy show-stopper by swapping flip-flops for classy wedges or heels.

6. BODENLANG maxis are comfortable

A BODENLANG maxi dress is almost as good and comfortable as your pyjamas. They are light and breathable, they feel good on your skin. Put it on, slip on some cute flats or heels and enjoy your time - and beside all this, they will make you look like a fashion-star! A woman cannot ask for more.

7. BODENLANG dresses are low-maintenance

Who has time for dry-cleaning or ironing? You can throw all our BODENLANG maxis in the washing machine and be just fine (although some need to line-dry). We try to use fabrics that resist wrinkling, so you can roll one up into your bag for your next vacation.

8. BODENLANG maxi dresses are timeless classics

Maxi dresses date back to the ’70s and they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They have major staying power due to the wide variety of styles, patterns, colours and fabrics. A solid-color maxi dress in a classic shape will last forever. All you have to do is update your accessories and show everyone how beautiful you are. 

9. While wearing a BODENLANG maxi dress you don’t have to worry about matching clothes.

Sometimes putting together an outfit can seem way too daunting – especially when you realise your favourite pieces are still in the wash. BODENLANG maxi dresses look great with basic accessories. You can put it on without worrying about clashing.

10. By buying a BODENLANG maxi dress you support our animal welfare projects! 

Every purchase contributes to the BODENLANG ANIMAL PROTECTION INITIATIVE. We love animals and together we can make their lives worth living. Check out our BODENLANG animal welfare projects for more information.