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BODENLANG maxi dresses support animal welfare


Acting all over the world, the BODENLANG ANIMAL PROTECTION INITIATIVE improves the lives of neglected animals. Together with your help we want to make this world a better place.

With the purchase of each dress, a GBP 20.00 contribution supports our animal welfare projects. We will constantly keep you updated about the projects and their progresses.


Stray Dogs in eastern Europe

Our first animal welfare mission brings us to Romania. In Eastern Europe stray dogs are being treated without any respect, chased, captured and killed in cruel and painful ways. If not being shot, poisoned, hung or burnt to death, they will be caught by dog hunters and crammed into small kennels to die of hunger and thirst.

The problems started back in the 70’s when the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu aimed to industrialize Romania and forced people to move into the cities. The number of people in the cities exploded and to cover the huge demand for apartments, large blocks were built. Due to the lack of space, animals were abandoned on the streets. The dogs obviously reproduced rapidly and soon the streets were filled with homeless dogs and their puppies. The mayor of the country’s capital Bucharest stated that the quickest way of getting rid of the strays was mass slaughter, and soon enough other cities followed. But today, after 30 years of systematic dog slaughter, there are more stray dogs in Romania than ever before. 

The reason for the constantly growing number of stray dogs (and cats) is simple: The so called "catch-removal method" that allows to take individual animals from their environment, either by sheltering and rehoming them or by humane euthanasia, has been considered as ineffective and brings out the opposite effect: The dog population turnover even at its highest recorded removal rates, is easily compensated by the increased survival rates.

A new animal protection law was launched in Romania in 2008, saying that no healthy animals should be killed. The law supported spaying and neutering the dogs in order to control the stray dog population but also catching them on the streets and putting them into several shelters. But the living conditions at these shelters are inconceivably dreadful and the dogs die of diseases, injuries, starvation and thirst. Despite the new law, unofficially the dogs are still being killed at many shelters. The situation became worse in 2013, when stray dogs were accused of killing a boy in Bucharest. It later turned out that the boy got killed by security dogs whilst breaking into a private property. The Romanian president and the press stirred up the hatred towards the animals and succeeded in pushing through another new law, allowing the killing of all dogs after 14 days in shelter, unless the local mayor has the funds to allow the dogs a longer stay. The shelters/dog hunters get money for every caught and killed dog which has encouraged the mass catching and killing. To earn even more money, dog hunters often break into private gardens and steal dogs out of backyards. 

BODENLANG supports a large shelter in Ploiesti, a city about 70km away from Bucharest. It is our aim to find loving homes for the dogs. In the meantime, we are trying to improve the unacceptable living conditions of the 2.500 captured dogs. Food and medical support are always needed. But also simple things such as dog huts, that help the dogs to survive the cold winters (up to minus 30 degrees) or to get shade in the hot summers (up to 35-40 degrees) are always required. Together with local animal rights activists, we are looking for solutions to end the cruel situation, fight for castration laws and want to change killing shelters into places, where dogs are looked after and being adopted. 


We will constantly keep you updated about our work that we can thankfully do because of your support! With every purchase you automatically make a contribution to our Romanian dog rescue mission. In June 2017 we were accompanied by a German TV crew and were able to give an sight look of the situation of the street dogs in Romania. To watch the documentary click HERE


All our dresses are named after rescued dogs that now live happy lives with their families out of Romania. For more information about the rescued dogs and their stories, read our several BODENLANG BLOG posts “The Naming Of Our Dresses”.


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